Poplettes is made from popping sorghum, a gluten-free ancient grain, popular globally for centuries. Packed with flavor and better for you, this dangerously addicting snack is heartier in flavor, will keep you fuller longer, and won’t get caught in your teeth like its corny cousin!

Bleaf is inspired by banana leaves; nature's nod to versatility and a cherished component of traditional Indian cuising. We pair tradition and innovation by combining family recipes with global influences to bring bold flavors to your kitchen.

Pani Puri is a cherished chaat (street snack) comprised of crispy, hollow dough cups (puri), filled with seasoned potatos and chickpeas, and topped with a healthy pour of one's favorite flavored water (pani). Our Pani is best paired with Bhaiyaji's Puri-bring flavor-packed fun in every bite!

At Pura Faith, we use our unique expertise to curate quality pantry staples from across the globe, providing you excellence as you craft your next meal.